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~freakish! chap 30 (Japanese Version )

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 30: Depression Induced Love
Author: fishie (seungjea)
Theme: 017. Depression
Rating: pg-13, AU
Pairing: Shou X Saga
Band[s]: Alice Nine
Disclaimer: I own them, they live in my closet. Really …
Summary: “So … here you are at the most romantic city in the world with your husband … but he’s too busy to spend time with you because he’s working?”

~ FREAKISH! Chapter 30: Depression Induced Love

Saga’s eyes stared at the white clouds outside the plane absentmindedly, the first class was comfortable but after more than four hours it was starting to get boring. He looked to his side and saw Shou was asleep. Smiling a bit, Saga adjusted the blanket around Shou’s shoulder and continued to gaze at the clouds outside.

It was only three days a go when Shou’s mother asked them to go to Paris and just like a snap of fingers, there they were, lining at the airport to board into the plane in the luxurious first class.

Shou was supposed to do some presentations for the marketing of Yui’s clothing line at a big department store in Paris, which would be a good start for the clothing line to enter the European market. That was all Saga knew about their departure to Paris.

Saga was not sure about what he had to do with Paris since Shou would be the one doing all the work, Shou even told him about his schedule which probably won’t leave much free time, but Saga was not the kind of student who would skip a chance to take a break from school. Ruki would have to deal without him for a week.

When the stewardess announced about the landing, Saga couldn’t help but sighing in relief. No matter how comfortable the first class was, eighteen hours sitting in the same spot was getting tiring and boring.

“Come on! Let’s go to our hotel!” Shou pulled Saga to a waiting taxi outside the gate.

Shou gave the name of the hotel to the taxi driver in fluent French, earning a surprised look from his husband.

“I didn’t know you speak French!” Saga exclaimed.

“Just a little, when Yui was studying in Paris, I visited her couple of times, and she taught me a bit of French so I won’t bother her on my stays”, Shou replied.

“Are you going to start working today?” Saga asked.

“I don’t have any meetings scheduled for today, so I’m free”, Shou said, “Is there any place you want to see or are you still tired from the flight?”

Saga shook his head, “I’m not tired! Let’s just go and have fun!”

Shou smiled at Saga’s enthusiasm, “Let’s just get back to the hotel first, ne?”

The hotel was much nicer than the hotel Saga stayed with his family when they came to Paris years a go, the Grand Palais hotel, he read.

“Come on Shou! Let’s get going!” Saga pulled his husband impatiently, just ten minutes after they arrived in their hotel room.

Shou followed Saga out of the room and closed the door, chuckling at Saga’s impatience.
Saga flipped the photo between his fingers, it was almost nine, as he checked the digital clock on the night stand. Shou’s first appointment today would start at ten thirty and when the alarm rang this morning, it woke Saga as well.

Shou went to get ready and Saga, who could not go back to sleep, played with the photo they took yesterday at the Ferris Wheel. Saga had rode a Ferris Wheel in Tokyo Disneyland and he also been to other rides abroad, but this time it was different. It wasn’t as exciting as the roller coaster ride or as scary as the ghost train, there were not elements of surprises or scary turns but somehow, riding the giant wheel with Shou, the city scene laying down there as if just for them and everything was so nice and quiet … it gave him a new feeling.

Safety? Perhaps.

“You don’t have to be up if it’s too early for you”, Shou cut Saga’s train of thoughts as he took some clothes off the hanger to change.

Saga yawned, the time difference between Japan and France made him lost his time orientation as he slept last night. He felt the bed shifted under Shou’s weight and a kiss was planted on his forehead.

Saga was about to say something, but Shou already left to the bathroom.

He put the picture to the night stand and made a mental note to put it on his wallet later. The pic was taken as they were on the ferris wheel, it showed their smiling face and Shou had his arm around Saga in a casual manner, which Saga found really comforting.

Sleep had completely left by then, he stood up and stretched a bit, their hotel room was comfortable and warm despite the not so friendly weather outside.

The sound of water from the bathroom had deceased, probably Shou was done showering. Lately he was getting used to not knocking the bathroom and Shou wouldn’t lock the door, although Saga would sometimes still felt uncomfortable being exposed to his husband.

As Saga stepped into the bathroom, he could see Shou just stepped out of the shower. Skin wet with water and a towel wrapped messily around his middle.

Shou watched Saga’s face blushed a bit before he hurriedly turning to the sink to busy himself with the toothbrush and a smirk formed on Shou’s face.

“Sagacchi …” he called out.

“Un?” Saga turned around, wondering what Shou was trying to say and suddenly found himself being pulled to the shower.

“This is called a quicky”, Shou grinned between kisses.

Later that day, Saga was sitting in a limo, complimentary from the hotel they were staying, alone, since Shou was out on a business meeting.

He said he would meet Saga later after the meeting for dinner, though …

The Eiffel Tower was not the first thing he had in mind when he was told that they were going to Paris. Not alone at least … But the driver from the hotel they were staying drove Saga to Eiffel Tower, he shouldn’t say that he didn’t know where to go, although he really had no idea where he should be going, alone, in Paris. Who said Eiffel Tower is beautiful when you’re alone? Saga scolded.

The car was nearing the hotel again and Saga recognized the street, it was only past lunch time and Shou wouldn’t be back until another four hours, Saga really had no idea what he should be doing until Shou returns and he didn’t want to spend more time alone in the hotel room.

“Could you just drop me here? I know my way to the hotel”, Saga told the driver, it wasn’t that complicated, really, the driver spoke enough Japanese for them to understand each others.

After thanking the driver, Saga got off the car to the sidewalk.

Paris was so much different than Tokyo, Saga decided, the people, the scenery … everything. Although this was not the first time for Saga in Paris, he had never been on his own in the streets of Paris, it was always him and his family, and most of the times, Hiroto was always with him.

Saga couldn’t stop thinking how nice it would be if he could walk the city with Shou, His husband seemed to know a lot about Paris, Yui went to university in Paris a couple of years a go and Shou said he visited his sister almost once a year, so Shou must knew a lot about the city.

Saga was too absorbed in his thoughts and he missed a guy who was bending on the sidewalk, picking something, a thick paper binder on his right hand.

It was too late, he collided with the unfamiliar body and both of them crashed on the sidewalk. A second later, pages of white paper flew to all directions.

Realizing his fault, Saga tried to help the guy to catch the paper, some of them got blown away to the other side of the road and some people passing by accidentally stepped on them.

“Gomenasai!” Saga bowed at the man, he totally forgot that he was not in Japan at the moment.

“Daijyobou”, the other man replied, smiling, at the familiar language, Saga looked up, surprised.

“You … you’re …”

“I can tell that you’re Japanese”, the older man smiled despite Saga’s stuttering, “I’m Tsurugi”, he smiled, offering his hand.

“My name’s Saga”, Saga said back.
“And he took me to have lunch in this small café not far from here … he’s a student and his mother’s French, he’s been living on his own in Paris since his father remarried and went back to Osaka … it’s great isn’t?” Saga chirped excitedly.

“It’s good that you’ve made friends”, Shou commented, loosening his tie.

“And he asked me if I want to look around the city with him while you’re busy!” Saga continued, “I said yes and he’ll pick me up at the lobby tomorrow morning!”

Shou frowned a bit, but Saga missed the slight disagreeing look on Shou’s face.

“Shou-kun, are you tired? Do you want to have dinner out tonight? I remember there’s a nice restaurant downtown called La Scala, do you know that place? I went there with my parents a couple of years a go and …”

Shou pulled on a t-shirt and stood in front of Saga who was laying on the bed.

“… or we can stay here in the hotel if you’re tired”, Saga stopped, “What do you say?”

Shou smiled and gave Saga a small kiss, “Let’s go find that restaurant.”
It was almost nine when Shou was getting ready for another set of meetings when he saw Saga was getting dressed and ready to go.

“Tsurugi is going to pick me up at the lobby!” Saga told Shou, “I’ll introduce you to him if you have time before you go!”

Shou continued to re-adjust his tie, he shouldn’t be jealous of Saga’s new friend.

Saga helped Shou with his tie with a grin, he looked so excited for the day to start.

“Come on! He said he’ll be here around this time! I don’t want to keep him waiting!” Saga bounced happily, Shou just smiled and followed the younger blond to the lobby.

Saga looked around the lobby for a couple of seconds, searching for his new friend. As he watched Saga looked so excited, Shou couldn’t help but getting a small nagging feeling inside him, Saga didn’t even look half this excited on their first meeting, did he?

[Of course not, baka, you two met by arrangement, it was a completely different situation …]

Shou waited at the lobby with Saga for around ten minutes but still no signs of Tsurugi, Saga was getting nervous, could his new friend cancelled their plan? Shou would wanted nothing but stay with Saga at the moment, but the time reminded him that his meeting should be starting in another fifteen minutes.

“Sagacchi, I have to go, the meeting is going to start any minutes”, Shou told Saga, “If anything …”

“It’s okay Shou, I’ll be fine”, Saga replied, “Good luck with the meeting, I’ll see you later in the afternoon, ne?”

“Have fun!” Shou planted a kiss on Saga’s lips before leaving.

Five minutes later, a familiar figure came to the lobby, he saw Saga waiting at the sofa and quickly approached the blond.

“Gomen, ne … I got something to do on my way here”, he tried to explain, “I hope you didn’t wait too long!”

“Daijyobou, you’re here now ne?”

“Let’s get going!”
“… and then we went to the zoo! Tsurugi took lots of pictures, he said he’s studying arts at the university, … I can’t remember the name though … he made some sketches of the animals, they’re really good! By the way, Shou, how come you never drew anything lately? I saw the sketches you did and they’re good!”

“I just haven’t got the time lately”, Shou answered.

“Oh! Tsurugi showed me the sketches he did when he was in Japan last year, they’re nice too! His father lives in Chiba with his step-mother, he visits them twice a year …!’ Saga continued to chirp about his new friend.

“Sagacchi what are you planning to do tomorrow?” Shou cut Saga’s excitement abruptly, as much as he liked to hear what Saga was doing today, he felt an unfamiliar tug on his heart as he was forced to listen to Saga having fun in Paris … but not with him.

“We’re going to the Louvre! Tsurugi said there’s this cool exhibition he wanted to show me, he’d seen it before though but he wanted to show me the paintings!” Saga replied happily.

“Well … have fun then.”

“I will!”

“You wanna go have dinner now?”

“Tell me something …”

“Hn?” Saga turned to Tsurugi who was sitting on the grass, checking on his digital camera, “What is it?”

“You said you’re married?”

Saga nodded, “Yeah.”

“And you’re here with your husband”, Tsurugi said as he continued to fuss with his camera, Saga nodded, “So … here you are at the most romantic city in the world with your husband … but he’s too busy to spend time with you because he’s working?”

“I know it’s stupid but yeah, it’s true”, Saga smiled.

“Hey Saga.”

Saga turned to meet Tsurugi’s eyes, “Hmm?”


And the camera flashed.
It was almost eleven when Nao’s phone rang, he picked it lazily, “moshi moshi?”

“Nao, it’s me.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in Paris now?” he questioned, with Saga, he added bitterly, but Nao kept it in his mind.

“I am”.

Nao soon sensed something was not right … but his train of thoughts was cut as Shou asked.

“Do you think it’s possible for Saga to choose other person over me?”

Nao’s head stopped thinking for a moment, did … Shou finds out about his feelings towards Saga?

Unfortunately, Shou took Nao’s silence for something else, “… for the first time since I met him, I never thought someone could be so close to him”.

Shou didn’t continue, Nao waited, but didn’t get what he was waiting for.

“Ano …” Nao started as Shou didn’t say anything for a couple more seconds and the silence between the two was getting strange, “Maybe you should talk to Saga about it.”

“I don’t think Saga knows what the pervert got in mind anyway, he’s so innocent and it’s easier for me to believe that Saga is leading him on without even realizing what he’s doing.”


“I’m probably taking up your sleeping time, I’ll talk to you later” Shou seemed to think that Nao was fighting to stay awake instead of listening to him, but knowing Shou, Nao suspected that the blond was trying to change the subject and saved it until the next time they could actually talk, face to face.

Nao put the phone back to its receiver, losing all thoughts of sleep as his head hit the pillow.
“What’s that?”

“This?” Saga showed Shou the small stone carving he was playing between his fingers, “Tsurugi made this when we went out together, I found the stone by the river and Tsurugi carved it.”

It was just a small round shaped stone, with a frog was carved on the surface, making it seemed like it was perched there naturally.

“Kawaii, ne?” Saga grinned.

Shou said nothing in return.

This time Nao couldn’t hide his surprise, why Saga called him from Paris? Did that got anything to do with Shou calling Nao yesterday?

“Nao? Are you there?”

Nao cleared his throat nervously, “Yeah, I’m here … how are you doing, Saga-kun?”

Saga sighed, “I … I’m good … Listen Nao, I think I need your advice.”

“What is it?”

“I …” Saga hesitated for a second but then he said it, “I think Shou’s jealous of someone who I’ve been really close to …”

Nao was left speechless at the statement. He must had been quiet for too long as Saga asked.

“Are you still there, Nao? Damn, the connection is really bad, ne?”

“Ano … I’m here”, Nao finally said, hoping he wouldn’t sound too awkward, “It’s okay, … wait … what’s going on?”

“As I was telling you … I think Shou’s jealous, but he thinks I’m too young and inexperienced for these kinds of things, but I know what he’s thinking!”

“Which is?”

“I know what he’s been thinking and to think that I don’t understand what’s going on is stupid, because I love him and I won’t cheat on anyone else!”

Despite his relief to know that his best friend was in a good hand, Nao couldn’t stop the pang of hurt as Saga confessed.

“I …”

“Yes, Sagacchi?”

“I think I will have to tell him how I feel … you know … just in case he doesn’t know … and …”

“Sagacchi you’re stuttering …” Nao reminded him, … and you’re cute like that, he had to add.

“Really? Ano … uh …” Saga remembered what Nao just said and decided to stop stuttering, “I think I’ll let him know how I feel, … just so he knows and … yeah … thanks Nao-kun for listening to me!”
Shou returned to the hotel that night, feeling exhausted and somehow stupid.

He was a newlywed, in Paris, but he was stuck doing the most unromantic things such as listening to presentations and talking about business with a bunch of business men, while Saga spent the days sightseeing with another man.

Something was definitely not right here.

He sighed.

The room was dark, except for the table lamps, Saga was probably still out with what’s his name again … Shou cursed.

He was about to push the door to the bathroom when it was opened from the inside.


“Hey, I didn’t know you were here”, Shou replied.

Saga walked out of the bathroom wearing only the white bathrobe, his hair slick and plastered to his face.

“I thought you were out with … what’s his name …?”

“Tsurugi”, Saga replied.

“Oh yeah … him”, Shou refused to say the name.

The few seconds passed awkwardly, until Saga decided to pull Shou’s hand to sit on the sofa.

“Today Tsurugi asked me to have dinner with him”, Saga started, “But I told him I can’t…”

“Why’s that?”

“Because …” Saga took a deep breath, “I told him that I’m married, and … I love my husband, so I don’t think I should go and have dinner with him.”

“And …?”

“And he said my husband must be a very lucky guy and he said he understands … “

“How come you told him something you never told your husband?”

Saga looked up, Shou was pouting.



Looking at Shou’s pout, Saga grinned, “I’m telling you now … am I? I love you, Shou.”

Shou was still pouting.

“I love you, I love you, I love you Shou!” Saga continued, “Is that enough?”

“Well it’s enough for now …” it was Shou’s turn to grin, “But I need to hear that again more often …”

“Wha … Shou?!” Saga almost yelped as Shou suddenly carried him off the sofa, but instead of protesting, he hooked his arms behind Shou’s neck and laughed as Shou took him to the bed.

“Now … I’ve planned to cancel our flight back home and extend our little holiday … no meetings, no what’s-his-name-again …”

“Tsurugi”, Saga butted in.

“Whatever … nobody else … just you and me … in Paris, how’s that sounds?”

“What about my school?” Saga suddenly asked.

Shou kissed him deeply, leaving Saga breathless.

“Screw school”, Saga concluded, before Shou leaned down and kissed him deeply once again.

As the kiss ended, Shou looked into Saga’s blue eyes, and said, “You always get away with everything don’t you?”



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