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~freakish! (korean version) chapter 31: winter song

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 31: Winter Song
Author: fishie (seungjea
Theme: 042. Song
Rating: R, AU
Pairing: YunHo X JaeJoong, KangTeuk
Band[s]: DBSG, Super Junior
Disclaimer: I own them, they live in my closet. Really …
Credits: destined_ramin for beta!
Summary: “Here’s my advice, find a girl to fuck on Christmas Eve, or if you’d prefer guys, find someone your age to fuck, I bet your cuteness will make some guys go crazy but believe me, they’ll think twice to go for it with a jailbait like you.”
Notes: hey, i'm still alive!! ^^

Chapter 31: Winter Song

EeTeuk entered the apartment; he kicked off his shoes and switched the lights on. Winter had started for a couple of days now and the weather was getting colder by the day.

He was about to put his coat on the hanger when he noticed a new hole was forming on the inside of his coat. It was a pretty old coat, he recalled, he’d had the army style coat since he first entered university, but still, he was hoping it would last for another winter … He hated to have another unplanned expense, knowing how KangIn and he have been working hard to make ends meet.

Sighing, EeTeuk hooked his coat at the hanger and went in. KangIn was out for work, he took a night shift at a video store this week, unlike EeTeuk, KangIn seemed to change between jobs quickly. Being an apprentice director at some production houses, KangIn’s schedule was not predictable, so it was quite hard for him to keep a steady part time job.
EeTeuk was just closing the rice cooker and switched it on when he heard KangIn entering their apartment.
“Teukie! Are you in the kitchen?”
“This place is not that big, KangIn-ah”, EeTeuk grinned at KangIn’s impatience, “I’m making onion chicken!”
“That sounds good”, KangIn gave him a kiss, “Look what I got for you!” he handed EeTeuk a large box, about twice the size of a shoe box with purple ribbon tied around it.
“What’s this? My birthday is six months ago, remember?” EeTeuk joked.
“Just call it an early Christmas gift from me”, KangIn grinned, “You’ll like it!”
“KangIn …” EeTeuk was about to protest, KangIn Should have known better than to spoil him with unnecessary gifts like this. Winter meant cooler temperature and that they’d need to use the heater, while the electricity bill is bound to be higher at the end of the month, experience taught EeTeuk, “The bills …” he started.
KangIn cut EeTeuk’s protest with a kiss, “Why can’t you just say thanks and take it? Stop being such a woman”, he laughed at EeTeuk’s attempt to scowl him.
“Well thank you but I hope you’ll consider our monetary fund the next time you decided to buy me something”, EeTeuk finally agreeing, he untie the ribbon and opened the box.
Inside was a pure white parka, faux fur adorning the hood, with white zipper and silver buttons. EeTeuk sighed and ran his hand through the soft fabric.
“I saw your coat, and I thought that you needed a new one”, KangIn explained.
“But this is …” EeTeuk gasped, he’d seen the coat on one of the posh boutique weeks ago, and the price was not cheap.
“Don’t worry, Teukie, I’ve decided we can cut off the electricity bill this month”, KangIn replied casually, “I’m sure we can think of something to keep us warm at night”, he winked suggestively “…and that means you get to wear your new jacket more, isn’t that nice?”
EeTeuk sighed in defeat. As much as he loved the jacket and he knew KangIn just wanted to give him something special for Christmas, something he truly needed, but that meant they would have to cut off many things this month. It wouldn’t be easy…
“… This is the part where you’re supposed to hug me and say thank you, ne?” the older man grinned wider.
“You’re such a dork”, EeTeuk sighed, but he gave up and let KangIn embrace him.
“So … where were you last week end?” JaeJoong asked his cousin as they walked out of their school yard.

“Fly To The Sky concert, remember?” JunSu replied, kicking the gravels on his feet, “You should’ve come, it was great! What did you do last weekend anyway?”

JaeJoong rolled his eyes, “Just something not very interesting.”


JaeJoong gave a sigh.

“… Umma, I am perfectly okay and either my baby or I need any ancient medicated chicken soup …!”

“This is good for you and your baby!”

“But it tastes like shit!” RiNa snapped.

“Watch your mouth RiNa, I’m your mother!”

How did a simple pregnancy turned out to be like this? JaeJoong wondered. Ever since RiNa and his husband MinWoo announced that they would have a baby, YunHo’s mother seemed to act in the wrong way.

At a first glance, she seemed like a worried mother, even after her first grandson from YunHo;s oldest brother a couple months a go. The pressure might be overwhelming since RINa was her only daughter, and it might look natural that the mother wanted to make sure that her only daughter survived her pregnancy well … But for the people who knew her better, it was nothing close to that. And even JaeJoong could see that.

They were invited to plan for the baby shower, MinWoo and RiNa were going to have the small party by next weekend, it was just a small party with some friends and family, but of course YunHo’s mother would come and had to make things her way.

“… Umma, I don’t want to invite sixty people, this is just a small baby shower and I don’t care what people might think!” came Yui’s annoyed tone from the bedroom.

“You know well how this will affect the company! Why can’t you think less selfishly? Your pregnancy is a good way to promote the baby section at our new branch …!”

More arguments were heard from the room next door, JaeJoong sighed as he heard the unwanted quarrel. He looked at the pile of baby magazines and some baby books on the table. He didn’t know what was worst: being ignored, or being the centre of attention.

“Hey”, YunHo plopped himself on the sofa next to JaeJoong.

“Hey”, JaeJoong replied.

“Wanna get out of this place and get lunch?” YunHo asked.

Before JaeJoong could say anything, they heard some scolding from the baby room, where YunHo’s mother was talking with RINa.

“Will this happen to us one day?” JaeJoong rolled his eyes.

“Not in the near future I’m sure”, YunHo pulled JaeJoong off the sofa, “I’m going now RiNa Noona!” he shouted to his sister, “See you around!”


“Was it that good?” JaeJoong asked glumly, they were waiting at the train station.

“On the second thought, the show wasn’t that good anyway, you can always buy the DVD”, JunSu said back. Somewhere on the background, a violinist was playing some Christmas songs.

“Hey show me the pics you took with your phone last weekend”, JaeJoong told his cousin.

“They’re all blurry and unfocussed”, JunSu replied, but he gave JaeJoong his phone anyway, “Hey I think it’s SunHee from my class. Wait here while I talk to her, ne?” JunSu didn’t wait for JaeJoong’s answer as he fled to meet the group of girls surrounding the violinist.

JaeJoong flipped the phone on and checked the pictures. His cousin was right, most of the pictures taken from the concert were blurry and dark and the ones that didn’t look that blurry were JunSu’s own pictures. JunSu took about twenty-three pictures at the gig, as JaeJoong finished scrolling over them, and he kept pressing the next button to see more of his cousin’s pictures.

There were some dorky poses his cousin took with his own phone and some pictures of things JunSu might have thought interesting. JunSu was just a kid at heart no matter what, JaeJoong thought, he might be sixteen but most of the time he was just a kid too busy with his toys and his own mind …

But JaeJoong’s smile froze as he saw the next picture.

It was JunSu and Micky.


And the white background of the picture was definitely a … bed.

The next picture was Micky, sleeping on the same bed. Thankfully, Micky was wearing a black t-shirt and no evidence of sex was visible.

But what could be expected from a head shot picture taken by a cell phone?

When JaeJoong looked up from the phone screen, JunSu was grinning in front of him.

“I’ve told you the pics were blurred!” he chirped happily, a donut in his hand.

“Please tell me you’re not sleeping with Micky”, was the first thing JaeJoong said to his cousin.

“What? Of course not!” JunSu quickly answered, “Give me back my phone!”

JaeJoong handed the orange piece of plastic to his cousin, “Quit the crap, I saw it on your phone.”

JunSu pouted, “You shouldn’t look at my things without asking me first!”

“Su …” JaeJoong moaned out loud, “We’re not starting this again!”


“You are not supposed to sleep with him!” JunSu kept unfazed at JaeJoong’s comment, “Because he’s older, he’s a player and … he’s already got a lover …!”


“Do you seriously want to be his third?”

“Well it’s a good start …”

JaeJoong smacked his cousin’s head, “You’re not seeing him anymore, and if I catch you with him I’ll …. I’ll … I’ll… I’m telling your mom!” JaeJoong wasn’t sure if the threat would stop JunSu and hoped it wouldn’t sound so weak, but JunSu stopped grinning.

Maybe it was a good threat.

“Come on let’s go, the train is here …” JaeJoong pulled his cousin.

JunSu sighed for the tenth’s time that evening. Why does JaeJoong always think of him as a little kid? He was sixteen, he knew things and he always made sure to be out of trouble …

JaeJoong was not always like this, there were times when they had more fun together.

It had to be the wedding … he thought. It would be the only logical reason for JaeJoong’s big change.

He eyed the soccer team playing on the indoor field and smiled to himself. Micky was playing down there with his friends, who JunSu didn’t bother to care. Well not for now though …

Micky was a good player, JunSu noted, he was scoring for the second time of the evening. He looked so cool despite looking all sweaty and dirty from the game. But it only added Micky’s sexiness in his eyes. How could someone be so cool and tempting at the same time?

JunSu played with the hem of his jacket and smiled as Micky’s eyes met his. The older man only gave a small smirk before continuing his victory lap with his friends on the field.

The game was finished, and soon, Micky’s friends went to the change room, but Micky, knowing JunSu was waiting for him at the bench, went to greet him.

“What’s up?” he sat next to JunSu.

“You did well…”, JunSu said.

“Of course!”

“…for an older guy!” JunSu added jokingly.

“I can take you up for a challenge anytime!” Micky said back

“Is that a challenge?”

Micky’s grin widened at the comment.

“What’s your plan for Christmas?” JunSu suddenly asked.

“Why’d you wanna know?”

“Isn’t Christmas eve is supposed to spend with a lover?”

It was no secret in Seoul, and for high school students it seemed like a trend to confess one’s undying love and had sex for the first time on Christmas Eve.

“I got my own lover … two, in facts”, Micky said back.

“I got a proposition for you”, JunSu said seriously

“And what would that be?” Micky pretended to look interested.

“Spend the night with me.”

“Why would I want to do that?” A small smile played on Micky’s lips.

“Be my first.”

JunSu was confident enough to say it, but he was taken aback when Micky laughed.

“Forget it kid, I’m not going to risk anything for you.”


“You’re a minor”, Micky replied.

“I’m a high school student!”

“But still, you’re only sixteen, don’t get your hopes high”, Micky said casually, “You can come back when you’re twenty!”


“Here’s my advice, find a girl to fuck on Christmas Eve, or if you’d prefer guys, find someone your age to fuck, I bet your cuteness will make some guys go crazy but believe me, they’ll think twice to go for it with a jailbait like you.”

JunSu couldn’t believe his ears, “Micky!” he could feel his face heating up at Micky’s comment.

But the older man only waved at him and walked towards the locker room, his rich laughter still echoing in JunSu’s ears.

For the first time in his life, JunSu was rejected.

“Go fetch, boy!” JaeJoong threw the ball and Nemo ran to get it. The park was quiet in that windy afternoon, only a couple sitting under the tree and no children playing, probably since it was getting colder.

“Hey, careful there!” YunHo hugged the blond from the back, “You’re gonna hurt someone!”

JaeJoong giggled, “Nah, no one’s here”, he leaned back against his husband.

YunHo put his arms around JaeJoong’s waist, “I haven’t seen JunSu lately, are you two fighting?”

“He was just upset over something I said to him”, JaeJoong answered, “Nothing big.”

YunHo put his hands inside the pockets of JaeJoong’s jacket as he kept hugging JaeJoong from behind.

“What’s it about?” YunHo kissed JaeJoong’s neck.

“Hey that tickles!” JaeJoong squirmed on YunHo’s arms, “I just told him to get his grubby hands off Micky; the kid has no idea what he’s doing.”

“Micky won’t touch him, he’s not interested in high school boys”, YunHo said back, “But I’ll tell Micky. Does that make you feel better?”

JaeJoong smiled, “I’m not his mother.”

“But you frowned when you thought about him”, YunHo gave JaeJoong’s forehead another kiss, “And I don’t like it when you frown.”

JaeJoong’s smile widened.

“Hey, where’s Nemo?”

YunHo let go of JaeJoong and pulled the younger man to the direction where Nemo was last seen, “Let’s check.”

They found Nemo playing with some kids on the other part of the park and JaeJoong had to put his dog on a leash to bring him back home. They walked home despite the wind and when they got to the entrance of their apartment, both of them were freezing cold.

“I’ll make some hot chocolate while you brush Nemo!” JaeJoong hung his jacket as the door was slammed shut.

“Why don’t you clean up the dog and I make hot chocolate?” YunHo said back

“You always forgot to put the sugar in”, JaeJoong replied, “So you clean Nemo and I’ll make some hot drink!”

YunHo ushered the dog to the balcony, where he cleaned the dog. He could hear JaeJoong making hot chocolate in the kitchen and answering the phone.

After cleaning the dog, YunHo went back into the apartment, Nemo was too eager to jump on the sofa and ran fast into the apartment.

“Hey, careful there, Nemo-kun! You’ll … ” but too late, the dog slipped before YunHo finished and landed on the carpet ungracefully, “See? I’ve told you so!”

The black dog whimpered and stood up, a bit slower than usual but it didn’t stop him from wagging his tail as he tried to get JaeJoong’s attention, ignoring the slight limp on his hind leg.

“What is it boy? Was YunHo being rough on you?” JaeJoong patted the dog’s head, oblivious to Nemo’s limp.

“He’s been slipping a lot lately, you might wanna bring him to the vet to check”, YunHo sat on the sofa, “He’s not that young anymore, ne?”

JaeJoong brought two mugs of hot chocolate to the white sofa, he gave one to YunHo, “I’ll make an appointment later, he looks okay, probably just a small bruise.”

“Do dogs get bruised?” YunHo questioned.

“I don’t know! I’ve never seen Nemo get bruised!”

“What are these?” YunHo took some piece of paper from the pile of paper on the coffee table, “Are these your university application?”

“Hai, I just got them a couple of days ago but I’m not so sure what to do …” JaeJoong sipped his hot chocolate.


JaeJoong shrugged, “I think it’s a good major.”

Their conversation was cut as the phone rang.

“I’ll get it”, JaeJoong said and reached for the phone.

YunHo stopped Nemo before the dog licked his mug, the dog gave a puppy face at him but YunHo scowled, “Your mommy there is not gonna be happy if he finds out you’re drinking chocolate!”

He sat back and waited for JaeJoong, he couldn’t hear what he was saying but it must be his aunt, JunSu’s mother, who was calling as JaeJoong called the caller Auntie.

“I can’t believe this”, JaeJoong said as he hung up the phone.


“The brat’s running away from home.”

YunHo looked surprised at the sentence.




They stayed quiet with lots of questions in their minds for a long minute before they agreed on one name.


“I’ll give him a call”, YunHo initiated.


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