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helloo ...

~freakish! (jap version) chapter 32

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 32: Cold Winter
Author: fishie (seungjea
Theme: 014. Cold
Rating: R, AU
Pairing: Shou X Saga
Band[s]: Alice Nine
Disclaimer: I own them, they live in my closet. Really …
Credits: ueda_fye
Summary: “Shou, Saga is very special you better take a good care of him, or someone else might take him off you.”
Notes: I think I lost my beta again >.< where are you destined_ramin? anyways, i'll be waiting for you before i post the Korean version ^^
anyways, this one is much different than the other chapters but i hope this is good ^^ comments and replies are love as always!

Chapter 32: Cold Winter

“… the style of his arts is heavily influenced by pop culture, brought up in two cultures as he grew up, he claimed that both Japanese and European culture influenced him in his work of art …”

“Come on, you should’ve known better than hitting on a kid like him!” Shou’s complains ignored the TV.

“I did not hit on him! He’s far below my target range!” Tora argued back.

As the argument heated up, Miyavi used the remote to put up the volume on the TV.

“… in his line of work, he had experimented with various media and shapes, his educational background in modern and classic arts department had provided him with many chances to explore his ideas …”

“I don’t care! Just send him back, his mom is worried sick about him!”

“What makes you think that I, of all people in Tokyo, to know where Hiroto is hiding right now?!”

Nao sat next to Miyavi on the sofa, but unlike the brunette, he was more interested in the two than the TV showing some arts review of a new modern artist who just opened an exhibition in Tokyo.

“Give me a break, you know what I mean!”

“Will you two TALK somewhere outside my apartment because I’m trying to WATCH something here!” Miyavi cut the two as he put up the volume once again.

Shou and Tora looked at each others, and the on the TV.

That was when Shou frowned. The image on the TV was far from familiar, but he had seen the guy!

“… Tsurugi Landon, being a bright emerging new artist, is having his first exhibition here, in Tokyo Modern Arts Gallery in Shinjuku, the young artist, who was born in Japan grew up in France, and despite having his education in Paris, he claimed to be a Japanese at heart …”

Nao watched Shou’s change of expression with interest, it was rare for his friend to show such change.

Tora took the timeout to check on his phone and exited the area, a pissed off Miyavi was not a good idea to deal with.

“… During the exhibition, the artist’s masterpiece of work is this mix media painting titled ‘the Angel’ and despite the bids and rumors, Tsurugi-san insisted that the painting is not for sale.”

“This painting is my muse, the source of my inspiration, it is very precious to me”, the subtitle on the bottom of the screen confirmed Shou’s suspicion, it was the same name that he always forgot.

“Ignoring Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars bid for the painting ‘the Angel’, Tsurugi-san closed the first day of exhibition in the Gallery, starting from tomorrow, the exhibition will be open for public for two weeks time …”

And Shou’s jaw dropped at the sight of the said painting.

“Isn’t that … Saga?” Nao frowned.

The painting showed a pale skinned angel, frail but yet strong in his androgynous features, longish blond hair and blue eyes, sitting gracefully on top of a tall building. His wings were white and pure while the world around him seemed dull and grey.

Despite being a contemporary styled painting and all Tsurugi’s personal artistic style, one can easily tell that the angel had Saga’s face.

“Is the model for this painting a real person, Tsurugi-san?”

“Yes he is”, Tsurugi smiled on the TV screen, a sheepish smile, “He is a very special person for me.”

Comically, Nao could see Shou’s face twitched in jealousy and it almost made him laugh.

“Do you have the number for that gallery?” Shou asked Miyavi.


“I need to make a bid.”
Two days, and Hiroto was still missing, he hadn’t contacted home and his parents were starting to panic. They contacted the police but no sign of kidnapping was seen and they were advised to wait for Hiroto to show up.

Of course it wasn’t enough for Hiroto’s family and voluntarily helped to look for Hiroto after school.

According to Hiroto’s mother, the night before Hiroto left home, she told him that he was grounded because he’d been out too much lately and spent too much on his credit card. Hiroto insisted that he used his time and allowance for good cause, which his mother highly doubted. The next morning when she tried to wake Hiroto for school, he was gone.

“Sagacchi, did you hear anything?” JinKa, Hiroto’s sister-in-law, came to meet Saga outside the school gate. She’d been skipping work for two days, in search for her brother-in-law.

“You see that girl over there?” Saga asked her, pointing at a bunch of girls leaving to the train station, “That short girl is Chibiko, she’s Pon’s classmate, I think she knows where he is.”

“So … we follow them?”

“Sort of, let’s go!”

Chibiko and her friends took the train to downtown area, Saga and JinKa had to make sure they didn’t get noticed and sighed every time the girls stopped to buy some snacks or just chatting with some friends. They stopped a couple of times and by the time they finally got to their destination, there were only Chibiko and one of her friends remaining.

They stopped in front of a record shop, Saga told JinKa to wait on a café across the street.

“Do you think he’s in there?” JinKa asked, “Should we get in to the shop?”

“Let’s just wait, I don’t want Pon to think that we’re using his friends to find him”, Saga decided.

Her question was soon answered, Chibiko and her friend left the shop a couple of minutes later, Hiroto waving at them from the door.

“That’s him!” JinKa exclaimed in excitement.

“Wait Noona!” Saga stopped her from bolting to the shop, “I’ll go and talk to him in case I can make him to come home nicely.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“We’ll think of plan B later, ne?” Saga said and crossed the street.

The shop was small, an old two storey building, the first floor was racks full of CDs from various indies bands and vintage albums, there were a couple of people lounging on the small sofa or just looking at the CDs. Some electric guitars and basses were displayed on the wall and a tall desk with a computer was placed on the corner, probably serving as a cashier.

And behind the desk was Hiroto.

He was talking to an older man with black hair and pleasant smile, Saga had never seen the guy before and wondered what the guy got to do with Hiroto.

“Kai, can you sign these? They’re for the delivery”, a girl asked the guy talking to Hiroto.

He signed the paper, “Make sure the recording schedule is set, ne?”

“I’ll give you the new schedule on Monday!”

“Kai! Can you help me with these here?” someone called from the back door, Kai gave something to Hiroto and left to the back door.

“Wow! Hide and Spread Beavers! Sugoi ne!” Hiroto grinned widely.

But his grin faded as he looked up and saw Saga standing in front of him on the cashier.

“Sagacchi?” he looked surprised.

“Pon, what the hell were you thinking running away from home like that?!” Saga didn’t even think before he said it all loud, “Don’t you know that your whole family is worried sick about you?!”

Hiroto rolled his eyes, “Cut all that crap, I’m not going home!”

“And what are you going to do here?! You got exams in one week time and …”

“Screw school! I’m not going home! From now on, I wanna live by myself!” Hiroto cut Saga off angrily.

“Nani?! You can’t!”

“What makes you think that I can’t? I can work here for Kai and live upstairs …!”

“Chotto matte! Why you leave home anyways?! It’s Tora isn’t?!” Saga quickly guessed.

“You don’t understand! I’m not a kid anymore! This is more than just about him! Why do you think I’d do anything for Tora?!”

“Hell yeah I don’t understand! You had an argument with your mom and the next think you do is running away from home? And you think you’re being all mature acting like that?!”

“Why nobody takes me seriously?! I’m sixteen! I can do things and I can decide what’s best for me!” Hiroto shoved Saga to the side.

“Hiropon…!” Saga grabbed his cousin’s wrist.

“We used to be friends, but after you’re married, you’ve changed! You’re acting up, as if you know what’s best for me and being all mature and stuff but you’re not! What makes you think that they will take you seriously? You wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about!” Hiroto pushed Saga to the side.

“Hiroto, what’s going on?” Kai returned.

“Nothing, my cousin here is just about to leave”, Hiroto said back.


Before Saga could say anything, Hiroto pushed past him to the door.

Saga was about to chase for Hiroto when Kai stopped him, “Are you Saga?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“My name is Kai, Hiroto’s staying with me, and I can keep him out of trouble as long as he’s here, I’ll try to talk some sense to him when he’s calmed down.”

“Thank you Kai-san, but do you think he’ll come back here after he saw me coming here?” Saga was not so sure.

“All of his stuff are still in my place”, Kai assured, “He’ll have to come back to my apartment to get them.”

“Thank you very much Kai-san, please take care of my cousin, here’s my phone”, Saga scribbled down his number and gave it to Kai.

Hiroto was nowhere to be seen when Saga left the shop, JinKa gave him a questioning look when she saw Saga was leaving the shop alone.

“Time to work on plan B.”

“Is he okay?” JinKa looked concerned.

“All in one piece, but I think he’s pretty upset at me”, Saga told her.

She fished her cell phone from her bag and stared to dial some numbers.

“W… wait, who are you calling?”

“Isn’t it time to call for the professionals?”
Saga sighed as he reached the apartment building. Hiroto ran off so fast he didn’t get the chance to see him again, but thanks to Kai, who made sure that Hiroto would be safe.

It was a long day, and to top it all, the final exams were coming in a few days.

What makes you think that they will take you seriously?

Saga pressed his key card on the elevator censor and waited until the door was closed. It was a tiring day, and he’d have to start studying for exams too …

The words Hiroto told him returned to his mind as the thought about Shou’s family came back. They didn’t seem to take him seriously and especially Shou’s mother, she didn’t even consider Saga as anything with a mind of his own despite the effort Saga been trying so hard to prove himself.

The elevator made a soft DING, signaling that he had reached his destination, the door opened and Saga stepped out of the private lift. He was about to open the door when he saw some unfamiliar shoes on the porch and realized that his in-laws were inside.

Great, just what I needed the most … Saga sighed.

But before he pushed the door open, he could hear something from the living room.

“… applying for English major at Sophia University?! Doesn’t he have better things to do?!” that was Shou’s mom, alright … Saga thought it would be awkward for him to enter the apartment now as his in-laws were talking, “I don’t think going to university will do good for him especially when he’s applying for English major!”

Shou’s father was probably saying something but Saga couldn’t hear him.

“No I don’t think so! He’d rather start seeing the doctors and get himself tested for a baby! At the moment, his only advantage is his age…!”

Saga almost choked as he heard what his mother-in-law was saying. Did he only mean as a breeding material for her? And to top it all, Shou had said not even a word to protest.

“… and look at his figure! I’ve told you even if you chose to marry a boy instead of a girl, you can’t rely on love alone! I doubt his figure is strong enough to carry even one baby …!” unconsciously, Saga touched his stomach and hips, they were a bit narrow since he was not a girl, but since when did that become a problem?

“… the Fertility Clinic reported only 65% out of all men in Japan is suitable for child-bearing!”

Saga reached to lean on the wall, what was that all about?!

What makes you think that they will take you seriously?

Hiroto’s words played in his head once again.

“I’ve told you we should’ve signed the pre-nuptial agreement!”
“…and you said NOTHING?!” Saga jabbed an accusing finger at Shou, his parents had left and thankfully Saga could save himself out of awkwardness by pretending that he just came out of the elevator as they saw him at the front door.

“Saga …”

“Your mother wanted me to take the tests …” Saga spat, “to know whether I can produce a baby or not, and you didn’t even ask once about what I think about child-bearing?! Don’t you even take me seriously as a person or am I just a baby-making-machine for you?!”

“What is wrong with you?! What I said or did not say doesn’t matter!”

“Why can’t you take me seriously, Shou?! We’re married and you still think you can decide what’s best for me and what’s not!”

“Give me one good example when I decided what’s best for you out of your consent!” Shou said back, “Saga, stop being childish!”

This only fueled Saga’s anger even more, “I’m always childish for you, ne?!”

“Because you’re acting like it!” Shou said back.

“Well screw you for marrying a kid!” Saga turned around and slammed the bedroom door.

He didn’t even got the time to change his school uniform, but he didn’t care, running out of the apartment building, Saga just managed to grab his jacket.

Shou was surprised when he knew Saga was listening at their conversation, but he said nothing that soothed Saga’s anger or insecurities. At the moment Saga was not even sure what his husband was thinking as he could feel his insides boiled in anger and sadness at the same time.

Why couldn’t Shou stood up for him?

Was it that much to ask?

It was getting colder and Saga had nowhere to go. He had never felt so angry and upset in his life and he couldn’t think of a place to go to.

One place popped in his mind, of course! He could go back to his family home!

Saga’s phone rang.

Shou’s number was on the display screen.

Ignoring the phone, Saga switched it off.
It was his mother who opened the door, “My my … Sagacchi, what are you doing here in this hour? Where’s Shou?”

“He’s not here, mom”, Saga replied, “We had an argument.”

“You WHAT?” Saga’s mother stopped him from coming in to the house, “You fought with your husband?”

“Hai, now won’t you let me in? It’s freezing out here!” he tried to get in but his mother stopped him once again.

“You left home because you fought with Shou?”

“No mom, it was just an argument and I …”

“Go home.”


“You’re an adult now, you’re married, you need to sort things out yourself, Saga.”

“But mom …”

“If you two got a problem, you need to fix it, don’t hide in here.”

And with an unbelievable coldness, she closed the door.

Saga blinked in disbelief for a minute or two. Did his mother just told him to leave from his own home?
“Moshi moshi?”


“Yea it’s me”, Nao switched the lights off and put on his jacket, he was glad that his job was done for the day, the night was too cold to spend at work place, he’d rather stay at home tonight, “What is it Shou?”

“Have you seen Saga?”

“No, why?” Nao stopped walking to his car, sensing something on Shou’s tone.

“I … I kinda lost track of him…”

“What happened?”

“We kinda … had an argument and he left”, Shou finally said, he sounded guilty … and troubled, “I can’t contact him.”

Nao froze, what kind of argument made Saga leaving Shou in this time of night?

“Why don’t you go and search for him?”

“I am, but he won’t answer my phone and now … uh … something’s happening.”

Somehow Nao felt anger bubbling inside of him, something foreign even for himself as he was always being the nice guy, “Shou, Saga is very special you better take a good care of him, or someone else might take him off you.”

There was a long pause on both sides, time seemed to freeze at the tension between the two men.

“I know”, finally Shou replied.
Saga was walking down the streets, he didn’t want to go home, of course he could spend the night at Hiroto’s if only squirrel boy was home. But that little trouble maker had decided to run away from home in a very convenient time. He was thinking about Ruki, but he told Saga that he got a date tonight so he won’t be home. His other friends were out of the list as he was not a very social person and it would be weird to suddenly show up on their front door.

He should’ve listened to what Shou got to say, he just acted out of anger as he heard what Shou’s mother was saying. He didn’t even give Shou a chance to explain anything. But now it was too late, he couldn’t come home and admit that to Shou!

Saga was about to cross the street when a familiar voice called for him and saw Nao was in the car, waving at him.


“What happened? Come on I’ll drive you,” Nao opened the door for him.

Just being with Nao was soothing for Saga, probably that was because of the ginger scent of Nao’s car and the way Nao was driving. Saga gave a long sigh, he didn’t know how to start explaining.

“Shou told me you left home”, Nao decided to start.

“Un”, that was all Saga could say.

“Do you want me to take you somewhere?”

Saga shook his head, he didn’t know where to go. He wanted to calm himself for a while before facing Shou again.

“Or we can just drive around until you know where to go”, Nao decided.


“Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, thanks Nao.”

They both stayed silence for a long time, Nao didn’t want to upset Saga by asking him any question and Saga didn’t feel like explaining anything.

Until finally Nao’s phone rang.

Glancing at the name displayed on the LCD screen, Nao saw the name he didn’t want to see at the moment.


Saga looking at him expectantly, waiting for Nao’s reaction.

“Do you want me to pick it up?” Nao asked.

Saga nodded.

Despite his mind protesting, Nao answered the phone.

“I’ve found him.”

“Can I talk to him?”

Nao gave the phone to Saga, deep inside he wished Saga would say no, he wished the blond would shook his head, saying he’d rather not talking to Shou at the moment. But all his expectation failed as Saga took the phone.



“Can you come here? It’s Chiko … he’s …”

Nao saw the change in Saga’s face, he couldn’t hear what Shou was saying but it must have shocked Saga.

“Hai, I’ll be there”, Saga said.

He gave the phone back to Nao.

“Can you take me to Sakura Animal Clinic? It’s in Ginza”, Saga’s tone was almost pleading.
“Thanks Nao”, Saga told the older man, “And sorry for bothering you.”

“It’s okay”, Nao tried to give an encouraging smile, “Take care.”

Saga pushed the door to the clinic and as the bells chimed, Shou saw him, he stood up from he was sitting to meet Saga.

“What happened?” Saga’s tone was shaking.

“When you left … Chiko tried to run after you, but he fell … and …”, Shou tried to explain, “His heart gave up.”

“Is he going to be okay?”

“He was already gone when I brought him here.”

And for the first time in years, Saga cried.

Nao, standing outside the clinic, could see Shou reaching for the crying Saga into his arms. Tremors shook Saga’s body, but he relaxed in Shou’s arms.

They looked so perfect …

Taking a deep breath, Nao turned around to find his car and left. He couldn’t even explain what he felt inside.


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*squeals* An update! :)

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glad you like this! the artist at the beginning is Tsurugi, the guy Saga met at Paris on chapter 30.
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this chapter is all about feeling all ;_; i guess >.< ... but glad you like this!
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1. Shou's mother(that bitch!)
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this chapter is a bit more drama-like than the others, and i'm glad that you like this!
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thank you! this chapter is a bit different but glad you still like this!
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