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~ Freakish! Chapter 34: Beautiful Evening (Jap Version)

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 34: Beautiful Evening
Author: fishie (seungjea
Theme: 008. B~ FREAKISH! Chapter 34: Beautiful Eveningeauty
Rating: AU, PG
Pairing: ShouXSaga, ToraXUruha
Band[s]: Alice Nine, Gazette
Disclaimer: I own them, they live in my closet. Really …
Credits: venus_doom74 for beta, thanks! and all the people been nagging me to finish this chapter ^^
Summary: “Yea Uru-chan, your boyfriend didn’t always look this good!” Shou laughed, “He used to have these thick glasses ...”
Notes: HELP! i need to validate my e mail at LJ and I have no idea how! I just changed my e mail address and I don't get any replies sent to my e mail anymore. I've been using LJ for almost 2 years now and I still don't understand how to change things and post entries except for some simple things >.< anyone can help me? Please? >.<

Oh BTW my laptop crashed with most of my j-rock data (Mp3, PV, pics and fics!) and also my unfinished fics so i have to take a while and work on my fics again >.< ... so i'll probably take a bit longer to finish my other fics >.<

“Time out!” Aoi called out to the boys as he heard his phone ringing, “I’m out!”

“Nande?” his nephew stopped running for the ball and turned to him.

“You guys play for a while ok? I need to answer my phone!” Aoi said back, leaving the soccer field and the two boys on his back, “Moshi moshi?”


The familiar tone made him smile, “Hai?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m playing soccer with my nephews”, he glanced at the boys, “They’re my sister’s kids.”

“Majide?” Tora sounded amused at the other side, “I hadn’t realized you liked kids.”

“Well you just don’t know me that much then”, he replied with the same amusement.

“What’s your plan for tonight?”

“I’m going out with some friends to celebrate New Year’s, then tomorrow morning I’ll be going to visit a temple with my family, what are you going to do tonight? Are you still going to that dinner party?”

Tora gave a sigh, “Yea, you know I can’t say no to Shou, it IS his family’s party after all.”

“Say hi to Shou and Saga for me ne?”


Aoi was still smiling when he hung up, he turned around to see the boys but was met with his sister’s interested face.

“Was that your boyfriend?”

“Nee chan …” he gave a pretended groan.

“Come on tell me, is that your boyfriend?” her grin widened, “I haven’t heard you sound like that in a long time.”

“Sound like what?”

“Just answer my question please.”
She was six years older than him, but of all people in his family, she knew Aoi more than anyone else. Aoi’s older brother was nine years older than him and he found it hard to communicate with his brother most of the time, probably because of the age gap, but with his sister, Aoi found it easier to share his stories. Probably because she had this motherly quality which made her keep prodding until Aoi gave up and would just tell her everything.

Aoi pursed his lips, “Hai.”

“So he is! You’ve finally got a boyfriend!” she laughed, “What is he like? How long have you been dating? Oh! Do you have any pics?” without waiting for Aoi to answer, she pulled Aoi’s phone and checked for pictures.

“Nee-chan!” Aoi protested, “Give that back …”

“Wow, is that him?” she showed a picture on Aoi’s phone, taken by the phone camera.

“No, that’s the ex-vocalist of my late band.”

“Oh, I see, he doesn’t look good enough to date you anyway”, she commented absentmindedly and continued to browse.

“Is this him?”

“That is my land lord!” Aoi groaned, “He’s at least a hundred years old, do you expect me to date a very old man??”

His sister shrugged, “How would I know when you’ve never showed me anything?” she skipped a few pictures and finally found the suspecting face, “Is this Tora? I bet he is”, she grinned.

Aoi nodded.

“He’s good looking though, nice catch ototou!” she zoomed the picture and checked for some more pics, “What’s with the nickname?”

“That’s his name, his friends call him Tora”, Aoi replied, “Now give me back my …”

“Oooh! This one is so cute!” she grinned at another picture, Tora was kissing Aoi in that one, “You two look good together!”

“Nee-chan, will you please give me back my phone?!” Aoi tried to take his phone back.

“You got more juicy pics in here?”


“That’s too bad”, she gave Aoi his phone back, “Anyways, he’s really good looking, how long have you two been together?”

“Around eight months”, Aoi pocketed his phone.

“Sounds promising”, she said, “Will you take him home one day?”

“Oji-chan! Come on!” his nephew called out, “Don’t play with okaa-san! You’re supposed to play with us!”

“Hey, don’t call me Oji-chan!” Aoi protested and chased after the two boys.

“Don’t forget to tell me the details before you go back to Tokyo, ne?!”
“Ne Uruha!”

The blond looked up from his PSP, “Ah Shou-kun! Sagacchi!”

“Where’s Tora?” Shou asked Uruha.

“He’s out back, smoking”, Uruha answered as he checked his PSP once again.

“Why don’t you stay here with Uruha, I’ll go call Tora”, Shou told Saga.

The cafe at the hotel’s lobby was cozy and despite being less than 14 hours away for the New Year, it was quiet, so Uruha could slouch down comfortably in the fluffy sofas as if it were his own home.

The blond was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, his blond hair was tied in a pony tail and face free of make up. He looks younger and cuter like this, Saga noted.

“Wanna play with me?” Uruha offered childishly.

“Sure what are you playing?” Saga said back.

Shou found Tora at the back of the hotel, just stubbing the last of his cigarette and flipping his phone off.

“Calling Aoi?” Shou guessed.

“Urusai, you’re gonna blow everything if someone hears”, Tora scowled.

Shou shrugged, “Not like it’s a big secret ne?”

“Wanna smoke?” Tora offered.

Shou shook his head, “I just came to tell you about tonight, the Tanaka and Fujiwara are coming so you better stay away from them in case you had forgotten what happened last time at Tanaka’s Company New Year’s Eve party.”

“It was two years a go and don’t worry, I’m all grown up now”, Tora replied with a very reassuring look which Shou knew better not to trust.

“Come on, I need to check on everything before my mother comes and yells at everybody”, Shou pushed the door to leave the terrace, expecting Tora to come.

“I can’t believe that I can’t smoke in my own hotel …” Tora complained.

“Just because your family owns half of the share doesn’t make you as the owner”, Shou reminded his friend, “And if you at least pay a bit more attention to the family business, maybe one day this will be your hotel!”

“Yeah, yeah keep the lecture for yourself you spoiled brat!” Tora said back.

Shou pushed the door open, “Come on, some things better be ready before my mother comes.”

They walked through the corridors, some staff recognized them and gave a friendly nod at Tora and Shou.

“I still have no idea why you even bother to check on everything for your mother, she’ll come and scream bloody murder at everybody when she’s here anyway”, Tora said, “It usually happens every year.”

Once a year, Kohara Co held a big New Year’s Eve party for the company, the party would take place at one of the top hotels in Tokyo and for the past three years they always used the same hotel.

The hotel which Tora’s family happened to own half of the share.

Sawaguchi-san, the manager welcomed them. “Ah, Kohara-san, I’ve been expecting you, would you like to take a minute before I can show you the ballroom? Everything’s ready and we’re just going to finish decorating”

“You don’t need to be so formal, Sawaguchi-san, I’m here just to check on things before my mother comes”, Shou told him, “You can leave us now, I’ll let you know if something is not right.”

The manager bowed and left the two, usually it was Yui’s work to check the hotel before their mother comes, but since Yui was pregnant and she seemed to enjoy the privileges that came with her pregnancy, Shou volunteered to take after her job.

Shou looked around the large ballroom, there were six men working on the décor and another two walking in and out of the room, bringing more stuff in. Everything seemed to be in good order and from the pace they were doing, they would be done in a couple of hours. His mother shouldn’t have anything to complain about when she arrives later.

“Hey, why do you look so smug?” Shou asked his friend as he was done checking the whole room.

“Nah, nothing”, Tora grinned, “It’s just funny to think that you’re here and doing things your mother didn’t ask you to do … and you don’t even like her!”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Just smiling around and being good hosts”, Shou replied his friend, Saga smiled at Uruha who was on Tora’s side, looking beautiful as always.

“You know you don’t like it here, just admit it Shou”, Tora grinned, “You don’t have to pretend you like all the socialite shit because I’m not your mother.”

“Damn right! But what choice do I have?” Shou said back.

Saga had to agree with his husband, the party was grand, the guests were sophisticated, but if he had to smile and answer another question with fake formality that he was not pregnant once again, he was sure he would throw up the expensive dinner he had earlier.

“I got a room upstairs where we can crash in”, Tora offered.

“And have orgy with you and Uruha?” Saga was surprised at Shou’s blunt answer, he had to check again to make sure his husband was joking, “Let’s go.”

They were about to leave the room, but Shou’s mother caught them with her eyes, causing Shou to gave a mental groan, “Why don’t you two go first and we’ll catch up with you later”, he told Tora.

“Ah Shou-kun! It’s been a long time since we’ve met, ne? How is your newlywed life going? This must be your spouse, Saga-kun ...” an elderly woman greeted them before they managed to leave the room, and Shou forced a polite smile at her and her husband.

“Fujiwara-san, I’m glad you can make it ...”

Eighteen minutes later, Shou and Saga finally managed to escape from the ballroom and were finally safe at the elevator. Tora had one of the penthouses for himself, despite the hotel being fully booked.

When Saga and Shou entered the penthouse, Tora was opening a bottle of wine.

“You two just got here right on time, I thought Uruha was going to finish the whole bottle”, Tora teased as his boyfriend pouted in response.

“I don’t drink that much, Tora-kun!”

“You should’ve said that when you finished the whole bottle of red wine last week!”

Uruha made a face, but Tora stole a kiss from his pouting boyfriend.

“Give me that”, Shou took the wine bottle from his friend and started to fill the glasses, “Sagacchi, you don’t have to finish this”, he gave Saga a half glass of wine.

“Aww Shou, you don’t have to treat him like a kid, he’s old enough to drink alcohol!” Uruha teased Shou, “I started drinking when I was fifteen!”

“Yeah and clubbing at the age of sixteen”, Tora added.

“And look what kind of guy you’re dating now”, Shou said back.

“A perfect guy!” Tora stole a kiss from his boyfriend, “Put that down, Uru-chan, you’re going to finish the whole bottle that way.”

The night at the penthouse suite was much more fun than the party downstairs, Saga noted. They drank and talked the whole night, of course with an exceptional for him, as Shou didn’t let him drink more wine, but it was intimate and fun nevertheless.

“...anyways, I think that you know Tora more than anyone else”, Uruha said to Shou, “How long have you two known each other?”

They were sitting on the large white sofa facing the large windows, Uruha was sitting on one side next to Tora, while Saga was on the other side next to Shou. It was 11.25, the New Year’s fire works would start at midnight.

“It was junior high, ne?” it was Shou’s turn to ask Tora.

“Yeah, second year”, Tora grinned.

“How did you two meet?” Saga was curious, Shou never told him about that!

“Well, we went to a boarding school, back then we were both nerdy otaku”, Shou smiled, as Saga had a hard time imagining his husband as a nerdy otaku.


“Yea Uru-chan, your boyfriend didn’t always look this good!” Shou laughed, “He used to have these thick glasses ...”

“And Shou had these hideous looking braces that made him look like as if he was going to bite!” Tora added.

“You had glasses?” Uruha seemed amused.

“Very thick glasses”, Shou added.

“Braces?” Saga was equally amused.

“The ugly ones, with metal and everything”, Tora nodded.

“It was a long time ago!” Shou cut in.

“Yeah, he wore them ages! I bet the girls wouldn’t kiss you back then because you looked like Hannibal”, it was hard to decide wether Tora was joking or not.

“Shut up or I’ll tell Uruha how you got your operation!”

“What operation?”

“He had laser surgery to fix his eyes ...”

“I did not!”

“Oh yeah, you wore those thick glasses for fashion”, Shou rolled his eyes.

Saga looked amused at the conversation, it was interesting to know that the man he married had such an interesting past! He’d never think of Shou as a nerd with braces, come to think of that again, he had never seen Shou’s old photos so he made a mental note to check for Shou’s old school pictures.

The conversation rolled naturally, and Saga learned more about the man he married. Uruha seemed to think the talk was interesting as he kept smiling the whole time.

“... during the last year of junior high, it was valentine’s day, Shou and I were stuck in the dorm because we had no dates that day, it was really stupid you know? Everybody else got a date, even guys who looked like dorks were dating ... we were the only two left in the dorm with no dates!”, Tora told them, “and that night we promised ourselves to change for good!”

“Wow ...” it was all Saga could say, he couldn’t picture Shou and Tora as nerds who had no dates on Valentine’s day.

“And the next term Tora showed up as a new man after his laser surgery”, Shou commented.

“Urusai”, Tora scowled.

“I’ll still love you baby, don’t worry”, Uruha kissed his boyfriend sweetly, “Let’s make a toast for the future!”


And outside the first burst of light appeared in the night sky.

“Oooh! It’s starting!” Saga stood up and went to the window excitedly as Shou followed behind.

“Happy new year baby”, Tora said as he kissed Uruha.
It was almost four in the morning when Tora took the sleeping Uruha in his arms and moved the blond to the bed. Four bottles of wine laid on the floor, spent mostly by the three, Saga didn’t get to drink more than two glasses of wine, thanks to Shou.

Shou pulled a blanket over Saga’s sleeping body on the sofa, he adjusted the blond so he could sleep comfortably.

Tora walked out to the balcony, surely for a smoke, and Shou could see his friend pulling out the phone out of his pocket, definitely calling for his other boyfriend who was somewhere out there celebrating new year’s eve with his family.

After making sure that Saga was asleep and warm, Shou stood up and went to the balcony, just in time for Tora to put his phone back to his pocket.

“Give me some of that”, Shou said and Tora passed the packet of cigarette to his friend.

They smoked in silence, some fire works still appeared far away in the night sky, the sleepless city thirty-something stories downstairs looking bright and ready to start the New Year.

“You remember Suzuki?” suddenly Shou broke the silence.



“The city bumpkin who thought he’s so damn cool with his Sendai dialect?”

“The guy who lost two of his girlfriends to you”, Shou took a drag of his cigarette

Despite the difference, their thoughts came to a single name.

Suzuki Reita was a transfer student from Sendai, his father gained a sudden wealth through the property business and decided to send his son to study at the upclass boarding school in Tokyo. He went to the same high school as Tora and Shou and was soon known for his effort to fit in the upclass society in Tokyo.

At sixteen, Tora and Shou were two of the most popular students in their school and probably all over Tokyo. People who knew them during Junior High wouldn’t believe how far they’d changed.

Shou didn’t have any problem with Reita back then, but being young and loyal to his friends, he did nothing when they made fun of Reita and his accent. Reita was not an easy target for bullies, by the end of the term he had made his own circle of friends and made a reputation for himself, he was a popular guy at school despite some clashes he had with Tora and some other guys.

“He’s back in Tokyo.”

“And why should I care?” Tora puffed some smoke into the night sky.

“Because he said was going to take you down, remember that?” Shou reminded his friend.

During their third year of highschool, Reita had a girlfriend, and Tora bet with some guys from their class that he would steal his girlfriend. Shou knew it, and despite his pity for Reita, did nothing, it was a good joke back then. Of course the tiger won, and not just once, he did it again the next time Reita had a girlfriend. It angered Reita so much and they ended up in a fight at the school roof top. The headmaster had to step in and break the fight. Shou was called to the headmaster’s office as one of the witnesses and being loyal to Tora, Shou lied to save his friend.

After finishing high school, Reita continued his studies in America and they had never heard about him ever since.

“I bet he’s still using that damn Sendai accent”.

“Whatever, just watch your back”, Shou said, taking another drag of his cigarette.

“You always watch my back.”

Shou smiled at the comment, he saw Tora was smiling too.

“I can’t watch your back all the time now, I’m married and I have to look after Saga.”

Seconds passed without any words between them, until Tora finally said, “Looks like things are going to change fast nowadays for you and me.”

Shou hated to admit it, but he knew it was true.

Last year, they spent the New Year’s Eve at Aki’s club, partying the whole night despite his mother’s protests. This year, things had changed a lot for Shou, and of course it affected their friendship. Now he spent less time with his friends, he was calmer and of course more thoughtful. There were so many changes in less than a year.

“Things won’t change”, Shou stated, more likely for himself rather than for Tora to hear.

“Yeah, of course.”

But they both knew it was not true.

“Good luck for the new year, man.”

“Yeah, you too”, Tora replied.

“Come on let’s go to sleep before we both catch a cold”, Shou stubbed his cigarette to the ashtray, “I gotta go to the shrine at nine!”


a luxurious party!!!! poor saga, bombarded about when to get pregnant (dih, kek di indo aja!! kapan kawin?? kapan punya anak??? jawab: cariin jodoh lah hayyyy~)
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O.O arghhh.. stupid me!!
I missed this chapter *headdesk*
I hope I'm not that late *laughing nervously*

aww.. you made aoi looks so cute once again~ *-*
and I can imagine how cute uruha is in this chap.
Tora you lucky bastard XD *ketekin tora*
but.. where is the Tora/Uruha smuth?? <_< >_>
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