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~freakish! chapter 33 (japanese version)

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 33 (japanese version): Christmas Candle
Author: fishie (seungjea
Theme: 012. Candle
Rating: R-NC17 for this chapter, AU
Pairing: ShouXSaga, ToraXUruha, ToraXAoi, RukaXSakito (slight)
Band[s]: Alice Nine
Disclaimer: I own them, they live in my closet. Really …
Credits: ueda_fye
Summary: “Tell me what do you like, Saga”
Notes: this one is for fye and jellie who had been patiently waiting and nagging me all the time ^^;this is the first time I write lemon with no help from my beta and I was a bit discouraged since it's been a while since I write lemon parts ^^ but I hope you guys like this!

Title: ~ FREAKISH! Chapter 33 (japanese version): Christmas Candle


Shou didn’t hear a reply, but he smelled something nice coming from the kitchen as he entered the apartment.


“Over here!” Saga answered from the kitchen.

Shou heard the clanking sound of pots and pans as he entered the kitchen and found Supa-san, the house keeper was washing the dishes while Saga was in front of the oven with interested look on his face.

“Smells good, what are you making?” Shou asked.

“I’m making bread pudding!” Saga claimed proudly, “Supa-san been helping me to make this!”

Their house keeper smiled at the mention of her name, after working in their household for a couple months her vocabulary had expanded compared to the time when she just arrived, but the language barrier was still there.

“What time is it?” Saga turned to check the time.

“It’s six o’clock”, Shou answered, “We better get ready, ne?”

“Sure”, Saga stood up, “Why don’t you get ready, while I take the pudding out for a minute.”
“Itte-kimasu, Saga-san!” the housekeeper said as she was leaving.

“See you next week, ne?” Saga waved her good bye.

“You’ve got everything check?” Shou asked before they left the apartment. A plastic bag full of presents in his hand, while his other hand held his keys.

“Yeah, let’s go”, taking the container of bread pudding, Saga answered.

Christmas in Japan nowadays was more of a celebration for couples, thanks to the retail industry, who cleverly used the holiday to sell cakes and romantic nights for young couples. But Saga’s family had celebrated Christmas together ever since Saga could remember, then whole extended family would have Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts.

“How was the exam?”

Saga tore his eyes from the numbers on top of the elevator’s door, “I hope it went good.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine”, Shou smiled encouragingly.

Despite the Christmas holiday all over the world, today was the last day of final exams in Japanese curriculum. Saga, being on his last year of high school, was no exceptional.

They managed to share a kiss before the elevator reached the basement and the door opened automatically.

“Shall we?” Shou extended his arm for Saga, who laughed and took Shou’s arm.

“Sagacchi!” the girl jumped at him as soon as she saw him, “I miss you!”

Shou smiled as he saw Saga hugging his sister and soon Saga’s younger brother came and joined the group hug. Saga’s family was very close knitted, something he rarely experience with his own family, and it was amusing to watch the warmth between Saga and his siblings.

“Come in Shou-kun, don’t stand there on the doorway! Hideki, Erika, why don’t you two let Saga and Shou in first?” Saga’s mom told her children, “Come in!”

“Merry Christmas!” Saga’s father came to welcome them.

Saga and Shou entered the dining room, it was decorated in Christmas ornaments, the decoration Saga had been quite familiar after all these years he’d been living in his family home. It was good to be back home, Saga inhaled the warm cozy scent.

Hiroto’s older siblings were chatting on the living room with Saga’s nana. They were discussing about Mai’s pregnancy. She would be due next year and soon there would be a new member of the household.

It seemed everywhere I go I see pregnant people nowadays, Saga thought to himself.

“Look what Sagacchi brought for us Daddy! And he got presents for you too!” Hideki showed the presents Saga and Shou brought.

“And you’ve learned to cook desert”, Saga’s grandmother commented, “That is really sweet of you, Saga-kun”, she smiled.

“Come on in! Dinner’s ready”, Saga’s mother called for them.

From the corner of his eyes, Saga saw Hiroto went to the kitchen, his mother just told him to get something.

“I’ll go get something from the kitchen”, Saga told Shou and without waiting for the answer, he slipped to the kitchen

Thanks to JinKa, Hiroto’s mother called for the family lawyer and the morning after, they picked Hiroto from Kai’s shop. Hiroto’s family been keeping an eye on him since then and Saga could imagine that his cousin must be upset about the whole thing. Saga hadn’t talked to his cousin since that day they met at Kai’s shop.

“Pon?” Saga called him as he entered the kitchen, Hiroto was getting some bowls from the cupboard, he turned around as he heard Saga calling him, “Are you still mad at me?”

Hiroto shrugged, “Iie.”


Hiroto put the bowls on the table, “Come on, it’s Christmas, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Saga blinked.

This was waaaay to strange.

“You sure?” he asked once more.

“Hai”, Hiroto gave Saga a funny look, “What are you waiting for? A big Christmas hug to make it even?” he smiled, “Do you think it’s a family sitcom or something?”

Saga shrugged, “I don’t know … since I was the one who led them to your hiding place you might get upset for what I did”, Saga took the salad bowl.

“I was, but never mind that”, Hiroto replied, “It doesn’t matter anymore anyways.”

Saga nodded, “But let me ask you something.”


“Why did you leave home in the first place? You never told me what was on your mind …”

After thinking if he should talk to Saga or not for a couple of second, finally Hiroto decided to tell his cousin, “I don’t like it when people thinks that I can’t be who I am, they only see me as Ogata’s heir, I wanna live my own life, so I thought … I thought that day I can leave and live on my own, I can work at Kai’s place, earn my money and live as I am … not as what my parents are … ”

Saga couldn’t believe his ears, what was the kid thinking? Did he watch some twisted up anime to end up thinking that he would survive living on his own just like that?!

“I’ve told you, you wouldn’t understand”, Hiroto sighed as he saw Saga’s expression.

“Of course I don’t understand!” Saga said back, “What do you think this is? Some kind of TV drama?!”

Hiroto rolled his eyes, “That’s why I didn’t tell you! You’re starting to think like them!”

“Them? As in normal people?”

“No! Them as in the adults!”

Saga scratched his head, this is great, he thought, my cousin thinks I’m too adult while my husbands thinks I’m too childish!

“Look Pon, you have to admit that your lifestyle and your way of thinking are going to lead you to trouble”, Saga started, “So for now … please stay out of trouble and …”

“I can take care of myself just fine!”

“No you can’t!” Saga cut Hiroto, “Remember what you did with Tora?!”

“Leave Tora out of this!” Hiroto flailed and his arm hit the salad bowl on the kitchen counter. The bowl hit the floor with a loud crash.

“Hiroto? Saga? What happened?” Saga’s mother came to the kitchen to find both boys still engaged in a glaring competition, “Who broke the salad bowl?”

“He did”, Saga replied.

“You made me drop the bowl!” Hiroto said back childishly.

“Saga?” his mother looked at Saga as if he were just five.

“No mom it wasn’t me!” as soon as the words left his mouth, Saga felt like a little kid again, but it was too late to take back the words leaving his mouth.

“He made me flailed and dropped the bowl!” Hiroto insisted.

“You flailed?” Saga’s mother asked in confusion.

“Hiropon, what happened?” Hiroto’s mother came to the kitchen.

“He flailed and dropped the bowl”, Saga’s mother explained, “I guess no salad for the night …”

“I’ll help you mom”, Saga offered to clean the floor.
Dinner was wonderful, despite the lack of appetizer which made both of Saga’s siblings happy. Hiroto and Saga avoided each others during the whole time, but Saga pretended nothing happened and enjoyed himself.

“Are you two going to head somewhere else after this?” Saga’s father asked.

“Well … some friends invited us for a small celebration in the city, so we’ll probably head to see them later”, Shou answered.

Saga couldn’t miss the spark on Hiroto’s eyes as he heard Shou’s answer. Shou’s friends meant Tora would come and Saga was damn sure his baby cousin got something up his sleeves.

“Hey Shou, can I come?”

“Ano …”

Before Shou could answer Hiroto’s question, his mother cut him, “Remember you are grounded until New Year, young man!”

Hiroto pouted.

“Maybe next time, Hiropon”, Shou said with a smile, and Saga suddenly kicked his husband for what he just said.

The rest of the evening was perfect, despite Hiroto and Saga avoiding each others, the rest of the family didn’t seem to notice that.

The family dinner was finally finished at nine-thirty, since it was past Saga’s siblings’ bed time.

“Will you be celebrating new year with Shou’s family this year?” Saga’s mother’s question reminded Saga about his monster in-laws.

“Hai mom”, Saga answered, hoping that the lack of enthusiasm didn’t show that much, “Are you and Dad going to come to the New Year’s dinner? You’ve got the invitations, ne?”

“Yes we did”, she said, “But we’ll be attending New Year’s Eve at Ogata company, we’ll see if we can make it on time to the Plaza.”

“Look what I got for you Sagacchi!” Hideki called out for Saga, cutting his attention off his parents.


Saga went to check what his brother got for him, and in the mean time, Shou was still talking to his mother and father.

“Sagacchi, I miss Chiko”, Hideki suddenly said as Saga was busy with his present.

Saga stopped opening his present, “I miss him too.”

“I wish he were still here”, Hideki added, “Why can’t he live forever?”

“Don’t be stupid, dogs can’t live forever”, Erika cut in, “No one can live forever, not even humans, everybody’s going to die.”

“Erika-chan, don’t say things like that”, Saga scolded his sister.


“It’s not nice.”


“It’s not nice to talk about death on Christmas Eve”, Saga finally found a good way to stop his sister’s insistent answers.

“Is it?” it was Hideki’s turn to ask him.

“Hai, absolutely”, Saga took out the purple sweater out of the box, “Thanks Hideki-kun, did you choose this for me?”

“Yes! Do you like it Sagacchi?” Hideki grinned from ear to ear, “It has a dog in it! See?” he pointed at the dog pattern sewn on the sweater.

“It’s really cute, Hideki-kun”, Saga smiled.

“Hey Sagacchi, I think it’s time for us to go now”, Shou called out for him.

“Kids, Sagacchi has to go now, and you guys are already past your bed time, ne?” Saga’s father told his children.

After a bit of nagging and a couple of minutes of saying goodbye, Saga and Shou left the Sakamoto household. Saga didn’t remember saying good bye to Hiroto, he didn’t even see his cousin on his way out of the house. He was still a bit angry at Hiroto for acting like a child and if his baby cousin wanted to sulk somewhere inside, it would be just fine for Saga.

“See you later, Sagacchi”, his mother gave him a hug before Saga entered Shou’s car.
The party Shou was referring to was held at a club at Roppongi area, Ageha Club was always popular on daily basis, now that it was Christmas Eve, the patrons doubled than usual. Shou had explained to Saga about the Christmas Party that was held by Aki and Hikari. Obviously, they had their own definition about small and private party, since all of their private parties turned out to involve a professional Event Organizer and at least 300 invitations.

This one was no exceptional.

Shou tightened his hold on Saga’s hand as they entered the room, the upper floor of the club was fully booked by Aki and Hikari for their Christmas Party. While people were lining to enter the building downstairs, they walked into the second floor freely after showing the pass.

“Look! Over there!” Saga was almost screaming to beat the crazy music as they entered the club. He spotted Tora and Uruha at the lounge area, talking to Ruka and Sakito.

They went to greet the two couples, Sakito only replied with a smile while Ruka said something to Shou which Saga couldn’t hear at all since the music was deafening.

“There you are!” Saga was surprised when a girl came to them and hugged them from the back, “I’ve been looking all over for you …!!” she added some more sentences but they were unheard thanks to the booming music.

There seemed to be a conversation at the booth, but nobody heard anything right since the music was too loud, it was not until the music stopped for a second for a change of DJ and they finally got the chance to hear each others.

“Merry Christmas guys!” Hikari cheered, “Enjoy the night, ne?”

Aki only waved to them and with a grin went to the dance floor.

“See you around, Shou”, Ruka was the next to leave the booth, dragging Sakito behind him. Tora already left to the dance floor with Uruha.

Shou ordered some drinks for them and from where they were sitting, Saga could see Tora and Uruha dancing on the dance floor.

For a moment, Saga thought that the two were meant for each others. Uruha was perfect with his androgynous beauty, dancing sexily through the beat, purposely grinding his body against Tora’s every now and then. Tora kept his strong arms around Uruha’s waist, and Saga could see his hand travelled lower to give Uruha’s butt a squeeze. It didn’t bother Uruha, though, he only grinned and kept dancing, he looked tempting with his purple short skirt and matching top. With his seductive smile and innocent eyes, many men would volunteering to get into trouble for him, but knowing he belonged to Tora, not many people would want to mess with Tora’s boyfriend.

“Here’s your drink”, Shou pushed a bottle to Saga’s hand. Saga looked at the plastic bottle and made a face.

“Mineral water?”

Shou shrugged, “I wouldn’t want your drink to be spiked and you’re under age, remember?”

Saga made a face, it wasn’t like he had zero tolerance for alcohol! He had some alcohol during formal occasions before and he was sure a glass of wine wouldn’t make him drunk!

But arguing with Shou in this packed nightclub was not his plan, especially on Christmas Eve like this …

From the corner of his eyes, Saga caught a glance of Sakito and Ruka, they weren’t exactly on the dance floor, and what they were doing didn’t count as dancing compared to the rest of the crowd, but somehow their body language caught Saga’s eyes.

Sakito was leaning against Ruka, his head on Ruka’s shoulder, while Ruka had his arms around Sakito. Their display of affection was sweet, despite the crowd and the blaring music around them, they seemed to state that they belong to each others.

Like Uruha, Sakito was sensual with his androgynous features, although he didn’t look like he was making any effort to look sexy. He wore a simple black shirt, the front of the shirt was unbuttoned and it was tight enough to accentuate his slim waist and showing his navel piercing. Behind him, Ruka held him close, all tattoos and piercings, his street punk attire did not waver despite marriage, giving a clear message of ‘back off’ to whoever trying to disturb them.

“They look good together, ne?” Shou motioned at Ruka and Sakito, as if reading Saga’s mind.

Saga nodded, Sakito and Ruka did look perfect together.

“Wanna dance?”

“Only if it’s with you”, Saga smiled.
“You’ve been teasing me all night long back then at the club”, Tora gave a fake scowl at Uruha, “It almost took all my self control not to bend you over a table and fuck you.”

“It’s Christmas, ne?” Uruha gave cheeky smile, “Everybody needs to get laid tonight.”

“Well? Do I get a present for being a good boy?” Tora smirked at his blonde lover.

Uruha giggled, it was meant to be sweet and innocent like usual, but Tora knew how wicked his blonde lover could be, “Sit still while I get your present”, he pushed Tora to the bed.

“Don’t take too long, ne?”

Uruha left his bedroom, swaying his hip sexily as he did so. Tora chuckled at Uruha’s playfulness.

Seconds later, as Uruha left the room and he was all alone in Uruha’s bedroom, Tora’s thought flew to a certain person who was most likely to be sitting at the train at the moment.

Aoi was so much different than Uruha, Aoi was everything that Uruha was not, and vise versa. Aoi was strong and independent, he left his home town to be a musician in Tokyo, he tried hard to live on his own despite all the hardship. He knew what Tora could do to support him, but he never asked for Tora’s help. Although he was a talented musician and very hard working, things just didn’t seem to go his way these past few months, after his band disbanded, Aoi been trying his luck auditioning for several bands but none seemed to succeeded. Tonight he went to his hometown, visiting his family home for new year.

He was planning to leave on the 30th, but Tora told him to go earlier so he could spend more time with his family. It was a long journey home and Aoi shouldn’t waste the time on the train just to see his family for three short days, Tora insisted. So there he was, heading home on the 25th and he wouldn’t be around Tokyo until next year, much to Tora’s relief.

Uruha was a complete opposite, coming from a wealthy family, he was the youngest of six and he always got whatever he wished for without much effort. Although he attended university, academic grades had never been his strong interest. His definition of fun consisted of shopping, branded fashions, alcohol, clubbing and of course, Tora. Many times Tora had to give in to Uruha’s shopping craze, it was not a big deal for him to swipe his credit card here and there, just to see Uruha’s face lit in happiness.

“Thinking of me, tiger?” Uruha appeared on the door way, carrying a bowl in his hands. He was still wearing full make up and the short skirt he was wearing rode higher, showing more of his perfect thigh. He had taken off his thigh high-stocking and boots earlier, much to Tora’s delight.

“No cakes?” Tora pretended to look disappointed.

“You know, you can’t have it all your way”, Uruha crawled to the bed, settling between Tora’s legs, “You’ll like this, I promise.”
“No cakes for me?”

Saga smiled sheepishly, “I didn’t get the chance to get one for you, Shou-kun, gomen ne …”

Great, my first Christmas with my husband and I forgot to get him a cake, Saga thought to himself.

They had been married for almost eight months now and despite Saga’s reluctance at the beginning, now they had a healthy sex life. Saga was a bit grateful that Shou had some experience in sex before their marriage, well … make that A LOT of experience … knowing how many men and women Shou had been with before they met, but Shou was also patient and careful, he had taught Saga a lot about love and sex for the past few months. And slowly, Saga was enjoying their intimacy and his response was much better now.

“Don’t worry about cakes, Sagacchi”, Shou smiled, “Cakes are for first timers, ne? We’re married couple!” he kissed Saga deeply.

Unlike their first encounters, now Saga was more open and confident being with Shou. He returned Shou’s kiss with the same enthusiasm and let his husband guided him to their bedroom.

With their hands entwined, they continued the kiss.

“Uh… Shou”, Saga moaned as Shou’s fingers roamed inside his shirt, feeling his skin and pausing to pinch at his nipple.

“Take this off baby”, Shou said, his tone was heavy with lust, he unbutton Saga’s shirt impatiently. Saga helped his husband taking off his shirt and helped Shou to get his jeans out of the way too.

“Your turn”, Saga smiled, hands reaching to undo Shou’s button.
Tora moaned loudly.

He hated it when people said how sexy Uruha’s lips were, because it stirred the jealousy inside him. They had no idea what those talented lips could do and Tora hated to think that others knew about Uruha’s special talent.

“U … ru … ha”, Tora moaned louder as Uruha’s warm tongue traced the vein underneath his cock, the feeling was so intense, with the whipped cream around his lower abdomen and Uruha’s wicked tongue cleaning him, eating him … Tora’s mind pushed every single thought in his existence to the back of his head. No thoughts … just him and Uruha … and this wonderful feeling …

Uruha looked up, his face was a perfect definition of lust … and sin …

He didn’t stay idle for long, Tora’s breath caught up on his throat as the blonde suddenly took his prick into his mouth and started to suck. Uruha was good at this, slowly he started to deep throat Tora’s swollen member, the head was met with the back of Uruha’s throat and once again Tora moaned loudly. Knowing he had done the right thing, Uruha started to hum, the vibration didn’t even register completely in Tora’s mind as his lower part thought for itself. After a few sweet suction, Tora came hard into Uruha’s mouth.

Uruha gave sweet kittenish lick to Tora’s softening arousal, with Tora’s fingers still buried in his blond tresses, he looked up.

“Good enough?”

“Hai”, Tora replied breathlessly.

Uruha slid up to meet Tora’s lips in a deep kiss, Tora could taste himself on Uruha’s mouth, but he didn’t mind. He could feel Uruha’s hardness pressing against him under the short skirt.

“Mou, and I still haven’t got my fun”, Uruha pouted.

Tora chuckled, “Then do something to make me hard again, babe.”

Uruha pulled back, “I can do that.”

And of course he did.
“Uhh … Shou …” Saga moaned as Shou dipped his tongue on his navel.

“This … off”, Shou’s fingers hooked under Saga’s boxer and Saga lifted his butt a little to help his husband taking off his underwear. Soon the underwear was thrown to the floor, and Saga hissed a little as his erection was met with cold air.

“Tell me what do you like, Saga”, Shou licked Saga’s ear as his hand pumped Saga’s member slowly.

“I want … I want you”, Saga moaned.

“Like this?” Shou fastened his stroke.

“Un … “, Saga lifted his hip off the bed to meet Shou’s experienced hand, Shou gave in to Saga’s need and continue stroking, “No … Shou I want … you.”

“How do you want me, Sagacchi?” Shou positioned himself so he was on top of Saga, he slid their erection against Saga’s, causing Saga to gasp deliciously, “Like this?” he continued to grind harder, causing Saga to squirm and grinded back beneath him.

“No”, Saga managed to answer between gasps, his face heating up, he didn’t know how to form the sentence Shou been wanting to hear, “I want you … I want …”, he wrapped his long legs around Shou’s, causing more contact to their bodies, “I want … “

The sweet innocent pleas fired Shou’s desires even more, he cut Saga’s words with another kiss, this time harder and more possessive, he felt Saga moaned into the kiss.

“… inside … I want … you … inside”, Saga finally managed to say it, blushing as he said the simple request. It was not even a full sentence, but it was enough for Shou.

Shou’s hand reached to the side table and pulled the drawer, after their first night together, Shou had made sure that the lube issue would never happen again and now a tube of vanilla scented lube was always on their bedside table. The tube was less than half full, they’d been busy lately.

Shou helped Saga to positioned himself before pressing a lubed finger on Saga’s entrance.


Saga nodded, preparing himself for Shou.
“You wanna see stars, Uru-kun?”

And without waiting for the answer, Tora slammed back into Uruha’s tight channel, Uruha could only moaned out loud as the thick prick pierced into him, hard. Just the way he liked it. He could feel Tora inside him, despite the thin latex, deep and stretching him, every single nerves on his body tingled in anticipation, he knew he was close.

“Yes …!” Uruha moaned louder as another shove hit directly to his centre of pleasure, Tora really lived up to his name, “Oh shit”, he cursed as Tora’s hand gave his erection a squeeze, doubling his pleasure.

With another moan, Uruha came, with every spurt of cum, his insides clamping down onto Tora’s cock. With a couple more thrusts Tora came inside Uruha.

Uruha moaned as Tora pulled out of his entrance, the taller man threw the used condom to the bin next to the bed and when he was settling back on the bed, Uruha snuggled close to his boyfriend.
Saga bit his lip as Shou’s erection slid into his tight hole, slowly and carefully, Saga’s fingers clawed the sheets, it didn’t hurt that much now that they’d done it many times in the past few months, but the burn still pained Saga a bit.

“Daijyobou?” Shou gave a concerned look, which Saga quickly answered with a nod.

Shou stayed unmoving for a while as he was settled inside Saga, waiting for Saga to be ready.

“Shou …” Saga nudged forward, asking Shou to move and his husband obliged.

There were no words between them, Shou started to move, shallow thrusts to get Saga used to the moves, although he wanted nothing but to give to the lust and ram into Saga’s tight passage.

Saga gasped as Shou’s tip grazed his bundle of nerves, Shou took it as a good sign and increased the pace of his thrusts and soon they were both panting and moving against each others. Shou’s found Saga’s erection and started to pump.

“Shou … Shou …” Saga’s breathy little moans encouraged Shou to move faster. His hand moved in sync with his thrusts, reducing Saga into a moaning mess.

“Saga”, Shou could feel his orgasm approaching, he tried to hold on for another minute, until Saga came, but suddenly Saga’s insides clenched hard around his aching erection, and he lost all his self control and ejaculated inside Saga.

Saga felt Shou’s seeds filling him, the warm substance seeped inside him as his passage tightened in anticipation, he was ready to come …

But suddenly Shou pulled out of Saga’s entrance, causing Saga to moan.

“Nani?” he breathlessly asked.

However, his question was not answered as Shou lowered himself and the next thing Saga could remember was him moaning loud.

Shou had his lips wrapped around Saga’s erection, and he didn’t wait long to suck, causing Saga to blush harder and panting in need in the same time.

“Shou … Shou …” Saga was near screaming as the pleasure doubled, it didn’t take long for Saga to come in Shou’s mouth.
Somewhere in Mie, Aoi laid on his bed, it was late. Today he had a long day at the train and meeting his old friends, he should be tired by now but sleep hadn’t claimed him at all. In fact, he was wide awake.

Checking the time on his cell phone, Aoi turned on his bed.


Soon it’ll be morning and he had promised his sister to see her first thing in the morning … His nephews wouldn’t give him any excuse not to play with them all day and that would mean a hard work babysitting.

Sighing loudly, Aoi turned to his other side.

Why couldn’t he just sleep?


Suddenly the phone vibrated and Aoi jumped to pick it up.

“Moshi moshi?”


Aoi cursed himself for being such a school girl, it was strange how the other man’s deep tone could turn him into a love sick school girl.

“Hey, Tora, where are you?” it was only yesterday since the last time he say his boyfriend and he had missed Tora already? Aoi wondered when he started to be this needy.

“I’m at a friend’s place … Miyavi’s, we crashed here after the party with the other guys”, Tora replied, he kept his tone low, probably because his friends were asleep, “How’s everything back home?”

“Everything’s good … I had dinner with my parents at my brother’s, I’ll be seeing my sister tomorrow”.

“That’s good, have fun with your family, ne?”

“Hai.” Listening to Tora’s voice calmed him in the strangest way, Aoi didn’t know why. Maybe he actually fell in love with this guy? He had never been the affectionate one in his previous relationship.

“Why don’t you sleep? You’ve had a long day and you’ll be busy tomorrow.”

“Uh … yeah, I’m about to sleep now”, Aoi said back.

“I miss you already…”

Unconsciously, Aoi found himself smiling.

“I miss you too.”

“Good night.”

“Ja ne …”



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